Preparing for your visit to the GATE

The GATE accompanies your installation in France. You can contact us on site or via our website. Remember to bring all the necessary documents to carry out your requests.

You wish to obtain a residence permit

If you would like to make an appointment to renew your residence permit, check before you begin the process whether your host establishment has a referent at the Sub-prefecture of Palaiseau. You can check the list of establishments below:

  • l’Université Paris-Saclay (+ Ex Université Paris-Sud), its component establishments and its associate members:
    • CentraleSupélec,
    • AgroParisTech
    • Institut d’optique graduate school
    • Université Versailles Saint-Quentin(UVSQ)
  • l’École Polytechnique,
  • l’ENSTA-Paris Tech,
  • HEC,
  • CEA,
  • l’ENSAE,
  • Télécom ParisTech,
  • IHES
  • INRIA Palaiseau

ATTENTION: If you are registered in one of the above establishments, you must first contact your referent to make an appointment with the Sub-prefecture.

Otherwise you can go to the GATE or click below to contact a GATE agent (remember to fill in all the fields so that your request can be taken into account).


GATE service request form


Q&A residence permit 


Other requests?

Besides residence permits, the GATE offers assistance with other administrative procedures, thanks to partnerships with:

  • CAF
  • CPAM
  • RATP
  • Campus France et HEYME (workshops)
  • Pôle Emploi

Our agents are here to advise you.

In case of difficulty, you will also be able to meet with an advisor from these organizations. You can request an appointment with each partner, via the authorized “service offer calendar“; by entering the precise reason for your request.

Good to know: on the day of your visit to the GATE, you can also ask all your questions to PISA, or directly by clicking here

GATE's Welcome box

The Welcome Box, which will be distributed within GATE as soon as it opens, will contain essential elements for a successful installation in France. You will find a welcome guide for international students from Paris-Saclay University institutions, as well as flyers and leaflets giving essential information on the various GATE partners. We also offer you goodies as a welcome gift.