Preparing your installation in France

We have put together essential information that can help you better prepare your arrival in France. We have set up several systems to facilitate your arrival and settlement on French territory.

E-International Welcome Solution

A tool to anticipate and facilitate your arrival

L’Université Paris-Saclay provides the e-International Support application, this app allows you to obtain personalised information and a step-by-step calendar showing you all the steps to take before your arrival and from your first days in France.

-> E-International Welcome Solution

This dematerialized tool allows you to prepare your arrival in France beforehand. It consists of information web pages, posted on the institutional website of the University of Paris-Saclay under the heading “International”, and an application to support foreigners in mobility (PACEM) which allows international nationals, according to specific criteria (status, nationality, age, length of stay, nature of funding, etc.)
to obtain in a few clicks, a personalized course sheet.

This step-by-step calendar shows you all the steps to take to prepare your stay as well as those to be initiated as soon as possible upon arrival in France.

It should be noted that the web pages dedicated to international reception and administrative procedures as well as the application have been fully translated from French to English and adapted from the legal language to the “common” language.

Support for PhD students, researchers and employees of universities, Grandes Ecoles, Research Centres, R&D Centres, start-ups

Download your roadmap and dialogue with us, if you are a doctoral student, researcher or employee Science Accueil member institutions, you can benefit from a personalized accompaniment to prepare your arrival in France in all serenity (looking for accommodation, opening a bank account, taking out insurance, visa, children’s schooling, linguistic integration, cultural tours program. . . ) Go to the site

Are you an international student enrolled at a member institution of Université Paris-Saclay ?

You can ask for a Buddy Program

What is the Buddy Programme? How to participate?

The Buddy Programme is a free mentoring programme for international students who have recently arrived in France for their studies. Thanks to the programme, each international student is matched with a local student, who can support him/her in his/her administrative procedures, show him/her around,  share local tips for students and have him/her discover the French way of living.

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