Université Paris-Saclay

Université Paris-Saclay

To meet the challenge of global competition for teaching, research and innovation, 19 institutions, including 3 universities, 7 research organisations and 9 grandes écoles, have decided to pool their training and research.Université Paris-Saclay provides you with a variety of services and documentation to welcome international students and researchers under the best conditions.

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Université Paris-Saclay provides you with a variety of services and documentation to welcome international students and researchers under the best conditions.

  • With our app, get personalized information and a step-by-step calendar detailing all the necessary steps you must undertake before and upon your arrival in France. E-International Welcome Solution 
  • Some documents in order to help your installation Click HERE
  • International mentoring programme : the Buddy Programme is a free mentoring programme for international students who have recently arrived in France for their studies. Thanks to the programme, each international student is matched with a local student, who can support him/her in his/her administrative procedures, show him/her around, share local tips for students and have him/her discover the French way of living. More information Click HERE 


In 2020, Université Paris-Saclay continues its transformation:

  • An even more complete training offer and motivating paths to explore for students;
  • New strong lines of research that combine disciplinary excellence and interdisciplinary issues;
  • Individual and collective results that increase knowledge to benefit the society;
  • mixed teams, academic or administrative, that marry cultures, differences, and points of view to make the Université Paris-Saclay a great laboratory of ideas


Université Paris-Saclay offers a complete and varied range of Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees, whose quality is recognised internationally thanks to the reputation of its research and the commitment of its teaching staff. Its constituent faculties and component institutions further expand this offer with cutting-edge thematic training in science and engineering, life sciences and health, social sciences and humanities.

With 275 laboratories shared with the CEA, CNRS, IHES, inrae, inria, inserm, Onéra, Université Paris-Saclay represents 13% of the French research potential. Located south of Paris, on a vast territory (from Paris to Orsay, via Evry and Versailles), Université Paris-Saclay benefits from a strategic geographical and socio-economic position enhanced by its international visibility.

Université Paris-Saclay operates on a classified and protected natural site, close to Paris, and at the heart of a particularly dynamic ecosystem.

With of 48,000 students, 9,000 professors and lecturers, and 11,000 technical and administrative staff, Université Paris-Saclay is a driving force for the development of its territory and one of the best institutions in France.

Join a French university that is inclusive, demanding, and open to the world.


The University of Paris-Saclay, represented by the Campus Life Department, which manages and leads the international reception of COMUE institutions and one of the founding members of the GATE platform. It provides assistance in the following areas:


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GATE is also about cultural discovery events, scientific meetings or thematic workshops that we organize for you throughout the Paris-Saclay region. So take your agendas!

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