Make your request

How do I apply?

Go to the CAF website or the CAF app. You can make a simulation, make your request and follow your file. Doing a simulation will allow you to:

  • calculate your student housing aid
  • determine your budget
  • help you choose a place to live.


What do I need to apply online?

  • your valid email address
  • your rental contract or lease
  • the amount of your income over the last two years
  • a RIB (BIC/IBAN format)
  • the contact details of your lessor (owner, agency. . . )
  • the amount of the rent and the Siret number (composed of 14 digits) if the lessor is a company.

At the end of the application, a summary shows you the information declared and any supporting documents to be provided. Remember to fill in a mobile number (or update it), this will make it easier for you to access CAF services, especially if you forget your password!

If you are not yet a CAF recipient, a recipient number will be provided to you at the end of the application.


CAF aid: APL ou ALS

Depending on the type of housing you occupy, you can access two types of housing assistance granted by the CAF (APL or ALS). They may not be combined and are not retroactive.

The APL (personalised housing assistance) is reserved for housing that is the subject of an agreement with the State (university halls of residence, hostels, HLM, etc. ).

The ALS (social housing allowance) covers all other dwellings, subject to certain conditions (surface area of the dwelling, WC, heating, water supply, etc. ).

The assistance varies according to the amount of rent, the resources you have (not those of your parents), the type of accommodation and the location.


Please note: if the accommodation belongs to a member of your family, you cannot benefit from it. The lease and release must also be in your name. The dwelling must also be occupied at least 8 months a year.


Please note: to receive assistance, the rental contract must be in your name.


Help for applying according to my situation

To better complete your online application, you can consult the guide that corresponds to your situation:

For students in Crous-run accommodation

For students in non-Crous-run student residences

For students who are renting a private-market accommodation


Please note:

Your housing assistance is effective from the month following your application. The first payment is usually made two months after you move in. For example, if you apply online in September, your entitlement will open in October and you will receive your first payment in early November.