Residence permit

In accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of the Interior in order to effectively combat the Covid-19 epidemic, the reception of foreign users in the services of the sub-prefecture of Palaiseau is currently suspended.
For any information concerning the reception of foreigners: regularly consult the section "Accueil des étrangers" in the Essonne Prefecture's website.

Did your residence permit expire?

Sous-Préfecture de l'Essonne - Ville de Palaiseau

If you are in possession of a residence permit or a receipt that expires between 16 March 2020 and 15 May 2020, it will be extended for three months. The reception service for foreign users in all prefectures is suspended as a security measure to combat the Covid-19 epidemic. Below is the press release from the Sub-Prefecture of Palaiseau:

 Link to Official communiqué extention of residence permits

Did your residence permit expire before March 16th?

You have an appointment for its renewal

Keep the notification of the appointment that has been cancelled and present it in the case of an inspection with the expired residence permit. Please note that this does not allow access to social rights or the right to work. It is recommended to report these cases to us so that we can report them to the prefectures and support a request for general regularisation or on a case-by-case according to the frequency of the cases.

You didn’t not have an appointment for its renewal

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