Science Accueil Information Point (PISA)

Science Accueil Information Point (PISA)

Science Accueil, represented at the GATE by PISA facilitates all your installation procedures. Science Accueil has been a specialist for more than 22 years in supporting mobile scientists, from their initial reception (administrative procedures, housing search), to sustainable living (learning French, discovering French culture, organizing social events).

In detail

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When you come to the GATE for your appointment, remember to bring all your documents on a USB key to carry out your procedures. To save time during your appointment, you can register now by clicking here.

Le dépôt de demande de titre de séjour est désormais en ligne sur le site “ANEF” du gouvernement :

If you are a student,  to learn more and access to the platform click here If you are a researcher, a PhD, a post-doc, a qualified employee, a family with a “talent passport”, to learn more and access the platform click here


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The Science Accueil Information Point (PISA) welcomes you at GATE and provides information in French and English.

Depending on your status, your nationality, your family situation, you will receive an adapted roadmap summarizing the steps to follow. Science Accueil’s trained reception staff is also there to guide you through the GATE, from one operator to another, and help you with any difficulties you may have in filling out official paperwork.

Students, scientists and employees can submit their applications for residence permits or renewals to the residence permit office (Palaiseau Sub-Prefecture offices located at the GATE). These files have been put together beforehand, for most visitors, with the help of the referent of their establishment (person authorised by the Prefecture)..

PISA visitors whose host institution is not equipped to provide this assistance are accompanied at PISA in the preparation of their file by trained and authorized personnel.


Beyond this administrative or practical support open to all, users from Science Accueil member institutions have access to all the association’s offers “agitatrice de mobilité”: housing search with special conditions, reassurance program, partnerships with banks and insurance companies and of course access to French courses, cultural visits and events programmed by Science Accueil throughout the year.





Schedules and appointments

GATE is also about cultural discovery events, scientific meetings or thematic workshops that we organize for you throughout the Paris-Saclay region. So take your agendas!

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