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Cultural Events

How to access cultural events at low cost?

Your institution’s cultural department offers you discounted tickets or cultural passports, which give you access to a rich, varied and on-the-spot cultural offer in the main cultural venues in your city and in the surrounding conurbations by purchasing a card

for a small fee. Ask your institution’s cultural service or the Crous for more information. For European students aged 18 to 25 and international students with a valid residence permit:

  • Free access, all year round, to national museums and monuments

Free admission is available to some fifty museums (Musée du Louvre, Centre Pompidou-Metz, etc.). and a hundred or so national monuments (the Arc de Triomphe, the castles of Versailles, Chambord and Fontainebleau, Mont-Saint-Michel, the Pantheon, etc.).

Good to know: For the museums, the free admission is only for the permanent collections. The temporary expositions still have to be paid for.

How to take advantage of this free service?

You will simply be asked to present, either. . .

  • A valid identity document (identity card or passport)
  • or a residence permit if you are not a French citizen or a citizen of an EU country.

Once the verification has been carried out at the ticket office, your ticket will be given to you for the visit.