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Campus Catering

Campus catering, how does it work?

University restaurants and cafeterias are located within your universities and higher education institutions. From Monday to Friday, they offer a variety of traditional and fast food solutions.

Restaurants offer lunch for a national social rate fixed at €3. 25 which applies throughout the country. At the Crous de l’académie Versailles, the social meal consists of a main course and 3 peripherals (a starter, a dairy and a dessert).

Good to know:

To take advantage of the student rate, simply present your student card at the checkout.

To pay for your meal, you can, depending on the restaurant, pay with your Izly card (or via the Izly app) or in cash.

What is Izly?

Izly allows you to pay for your meals, drinks and pastries at the restaurant or the university cafeteria in all Crous restaurant points with your student card or smartphone in complete security. Izly also allows you to pay for:

  • photocopies at the BU
  • launderette/drink vending machine in his residence U and much more
  • exchange money between friends to make a collective gift. . .

More information:  Izly