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Crous Scholarship

I’m a foreign student, Can I apply for a Crous scholarship?

Yes, if you meet these conditions…

  • You are enrolled in an initial training course in France
  • You are enrolled in a public or private training course that entitles you to this grant (ask the establishment for details)
  • You are following a full-time course (not a work-study course, for example)

If you are European (European Union, European Economic Area or Switzerland)

In addition to the conditions mentioned above, you must :

  • have held a job in France, full-time or part-time, as an employee or not
  • or prove that one of your managers has received income in France.

Special situation – refugees

If you are from Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon or Turkey, you are concerned by the HOPES project (Higher and Further Education Opportunities and Perspectives for Syrians).

This project aims to improve the situation of young Syrian refugees and young people in vulnerable situations in five host countries neighbouring Syria (Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey) and to facilitate their access to higher education.

More information


In order to benefit from a higher education grant based on social criteria, you must be enrolled:

  • in initial training, in France or in a Council of Europe Member State
  • in a public or private educational establishment
  • in a course of study entitled to receive grant holders
  • following full-time higher education studies falling under the jurisdiction of the Ministry in charge of higher education.

(NB: nursing studies do not qualify for a MESRI scholarship)