Accommodation and catering

What is the impact of the health crisis on your accommodation (private rental or university residence), and your restoration/catering if you are a student?


Rental with a private individual or residence (not CROUS) 

Is your rental contract comingto an end?

It is recommended to postpone your notice, if possible, in agreement with your landlord. If the notice could not be postponed, it would be necessary to justify an indisputable reason for movement, and inquire about the authorizations on the territory of departure and arrival (the prefectures may take different orders depending on the state of the health situation).

Are you leaving your accommodation in a hurry?

You leave your accommodation in a hurry and without respecting the notice period? Legally your rent is due. Some owners or residences offer accommodations or even rent suppression, but they are not forced to do so.


The students were asked before the confinement to return to their family home to avoid remaining isolated.

International students who remain currently in France are invited as far as possible to contact their consular authorities to be helped in their decision. They continue to benefit from access to care and reception in university residences, for those concerned [, during their stay in France.]

Campus France ensures the coming back to their country for the international fellows who wish to do so, when they are managed by the agency.



Are you housed  in a student residence?


Am I legally authorazed to move?

Since Friday March 27th, the CROUS services have invited the students to return to their family home, in order to avoid them staying isolated in their student accommodation, especially due to the fact the CROUS cannot maintain collective activities. However, under no circumstances does this mean that those who wish to stay – for reasons that belong to them – will be forced to leave.


My contract arrive is coming to an end

You have no steps to take unless you leave your accommodation permanently.

Your right to personal housing assistance will resume upon your return to your CROUS accommodation.


I had to leave in a hurry

To help assume departures that are linked to a public health measure, if you had to leave quickly, even if you could not fully vacate your room, the contractual notice of one month will not apply.

In accordance with the Minister’s announcements of March 19th, the CROUS will provide free rent for the month of April for students who have left their accommodation without notice. The CROUS services must obviously be informed of this departure (!).

To benefit from this rent interruption, urgently inform CROUS of your departure so that it can be verified as well as counted, at the email address of your residence. As far as possible, students who wish to find accommodation when training activities will be resumed, will be accommodated in the residences.


Should I pursue my scholarship application?

If you wish to apply for a grant or accommodation, you can apply until May 15th, 2020, by entering your student social file at: messervices.é

Scholarships on social criteria: there is and there will be NO INTERRUPTION in the procedure for examining files or in the payment.

The CROUS therefore ensures the continuous processing of grant requests as well as their payment.

The scholarship service can be reached via the address:


Are there housing benefits/allowances?

For students renting accommodation, it is possible to make a request an APL or ALS (housing aid) from CAF.

Information on the website of the CROUS website and of the CAF website




The official French government information

Find all the information concerning the measures taken in higher education, establishments, internships, university residences on





In view of both national decisions concerning restaurants and the closure of higher education establishments, seated catering is no longer guaranteed. When the organization allowed it and the needs of the students were more significant, take-out spaces were maintained. Travel and groupings, catering for students, whatever its form can no longer be ensured.


Food aid and the purchase of basic necessities are gradually being implemented in the CROUS for confined residents in particular, in connection with higher education establishments. Check with the social services department of your CROUS establishment / your establishment (see section “Better ways to live this confinement”).

For difficult situations, a single address,, has been set up and distributed to all students hosted. It allows – among other things- the reporting of suspected contamination, the identification of fragile students, and the identification of students wishing to assist their peers in difficulty.