Protect yourself and others with simple gestures

Good to know: coronavirus is a virus protected by a membrane made of lipids. These molecules are disorganized by soapy water and a good scrubbing or washing and a minimum temperature (currently 56° for 20 minutes), which deactivates the virus. Frequent hand washing, cleaning door handles, disinfecting computer keyboards, telephones and other everyday objects are precautions that help eliminate covid-19 from our environment.

Barrier gestures

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Whash your hands effectively

The temperature of the water does not matter, but the time it takes to scrub with soap plays a role in the elimination of viruses and other micro-organisms:

20 seconds is the minimum; 30 seconds is safer.

In any case, it takes this time to carefully clean all the nooks and crannies (see diagram below) without forgetting the inside of the fingers, nails and wrists. To reach the 30 seconds, just sing « Happy Birthday » twice! Turn on the faucet with your elbow, rinse thoroughly and dry with a clean cloth roll, disposable towel or electric dryer.



How to clean your smartphone

You can wash your hands as many times as you want, grabbing your smartphone the next second will ruin your efforts if the coronavirus is present. It is therefore better to clean it very regularly, especially since scientists are still unsure about the activity of the virus on objects.

Switch it off and take it out of its protective shell (which will also need to be cleaned!).

  • Use a clean cloth; use a 70% isopropyl-based alcohol-free solution (do not use bleach or immerse your smartphone in any cleaning solution, even if it is waterproof). You can use a disinfectant solution intended for electronic devices, but do not use compressed air aerosol, which could damage your device ;
  • Soak your cloth lightly with product or slightly soapy water and clean the device, avoiding moisture seeping into the openings of the device (jack port for headphones, connection port for the charger, microphone and speakers), even if it is waterproof;
  • Repeat the operation with a cloth moistened with clear water;
  • Wait until the smartphone is completely dry before turning it on again;
  • Repeat the operation frequently!

Also remember to clean your protective shell using the same method. Silicone, plastic and even leather will resist very well to slightly soapy water followed by a rinse. For leather, you can use nourishing leather cream to restore suppleness.