Did your residence permit expire before March 16th?

My receipt of application for a residence permit expired before March 16th will expire after June 2020.
An online service is now available from the Prefecture’s website in order to deposit your request for a new reciept


My appointment was cancelled due to lockdown.

I had an appointment at the prefecture of Evry or at the sub-prefecture of Etampes or Palaiseau but my appointment was cancelled due to confinement, what should I do?

All appointments cancelled due to confinement will not be rescheduled, with the following exceptions:

  • appointments for naturalisations;
  • appointments for a first application for a residence permit, only for users holding a long-stay visa or a short-stay visa with a “card to be applied for” mention;
  • ppointments for an application for exceptional admission to the residence for users who have obtained their appointment after a first appointment at the prefecture,

For those concerned by these appointments, we invite you to contact your Sub-prefecture by e-mail to transmit your contact details in order to be reconvened.Other than in these cases, you should not go to the Prefecture or Sub-Prefecture of Estampes or Palaiseau with your expired summons because you will not be received. You have to make an online appointment. We invite you to consult the opening hours to find out when you can make an appointment.

You must make an appointment to go to the prefecture, with your host institution’s referent if you are a student or with Science Accueil if you are a researcher, doctoral student or employee of a member institution of Science Accueil.

Contact Science Accueil : procedures@science-accueil.org / 07 49 32 14 18