COVID-19 vaccines will be available at Paris-Saclay University

From Monday 11 to Friday 15 October
COVID-19 vaccines will be available at Paris-Saclay University

As part of a drive to give all of the University’s communities access to Covid-19 vaccinations, Université Paris-Saclay will reopen its temporary vaccination centre from Monday 11 to Friday 15 October. The centre will be open to all.

The vaccination centre is designed to allow new international students who are either unvaccinated or vaccinated with an unapproved vaccine in France, and staff and students who have not been vaccinated or are not yet fully vaccinated, to get vaccinated for free, close to their place of study or work.

Vaccinations aim to prevent the most severe forms of the virus, protect those around us, limit the spread of the virus and its variants, and allow access to cultural and sporting activities by providing you with a French health pass (passe sanitaire).

The vaccination centre is open to all. Booking is recommended to ensure a quick service.

Book your appointment: click here

Practical information:

  • Temporary vaccination centre, Bréguet Building, 3 rue Joliot Curie 91 190 Gif-sur-Yvette. Access through door 57 (see map )
  • Stops for the buses 7, 9, 91.06 & 91.10 nearby
  • Underground parking access, Eiffel Building
  • Open from 11am to 8.30pm non-stop
  • Booking is recommended to avoid waiting. BETWEEN 12.30-4PM ONLY if you do not have an appointment.
  • Free vaccinations for all
  • Pfizer vaccine: 1stor 2nd dose
  • Bring your French social security card (Carte Vitale) if you are insured in France and your ID. If you are not covered
  • by French social security, bring your ID.
  • Parental consent will be required if you are under 16.
  • Bring all Covid-related documents if you have any: a positive PCR test result, vaccination certificate, serological test results.