In case of signs of respiratory infection (fever or feeling of fever, coughing, breathing difficulties): Avoid any contact with your family and friends; Call your doctor, in case of no response, call the SAMU Centre 15 and follow the instructions given; Do not go to your doctor or to the emergency room, to avoid any potential contamination; Limit travel only as necessary.

Acces to medical care

If you have been detected with a probable or confirmed case of the virus, also contact medical services. Call your doctor in case of cough and/or fever. If you have a cough and fever and difficulty breathing and/or have been unwell, call 15.

In case of immediate danger: 17

Domestic violence: 3919

A toll-free number (0 800 130 000) has been set up by the Ministry of Solidarity and Health, open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, this telephone platform is not authorised to provide medical advice.

Are you housed in a student residence (CROUS)?

For difficult situations, an address,, has been set up and distributed to all accommodated students. It allows, among other things, the reporting of cases of suspected contamination, the identification of fragile students, and the identification of students wishing to assist their peers in difficulty.



Are you registered at the Paris-Saclay University ?

In case of symptoms you can contact :


If you are a student at another institution, find out what measures your host institution has in place.